My Introduction to GSoC

Last year, during my summer vacations (May 2018 to July 2018), I was doing my summer internship at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. I was working with some of the wonderful students and researchers on the project and soon we all started getting to know each other well. I was a juniormost student there so I get to learn a lot from them. 

At that time one of my friend there (who is also my senior) told me about Google Summer of Code. She told me, how many her friends got benefitted from it and how their technical and communication skills increased drastically. I became curious, search about it a little on the internet, but got busy in project and college assignments and it slipped my mind. But in the month of February ( I think it was 21-22 Feb 2019), I was exploring various internship options and suddenly the idea of applying to GSoC struck my mind. I visited the official website and found out luckily the GSoC process had not started yet and in two-three days they were going to announce this year's accepted organisations. I started digging deep about it more and started reading about past students experiences and started the process of finding the best project for me which I can be comfortable doing and learn new things from it at the same time. 


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