First Evaluation

After Bonding Period, Official Coding period started. I also started introducing the feature the first time from my side to any software. Till then, I had only changed portions of the code or added new ones in already existing files. Now, I had to add new source files. I started looking at the source code more deeply and started tracing back source files to its roots.

I become overwhelmed by seeing so many files interlinked so deeply with each other. For the first time, I was working on such a big project and now I had to contribute something real. So many lines of code confused me a lot. I wanted to get to the root of the code so that I can create my own branches in it. But it was not that easy for me. Moreover, till that time I wasn't aware of View/Model architecture and Signal Slot Mechanism which is the core of Qt programming.

I started seeking help. Then one of the Professor in my institute calms me down and advised me to start with main.cpp file in source code. In so much hassle, I completely forgot that C++ programs have all its roots down to main.cpp file. I started looking at the main file and though I understood very less from there, I felt quite relaxing. Since in the boding period I have worked on Pivot Table with my mentor Alexander Semke. I started only focusing on the pivot table and then I tracked down all the code written for the pivot table and how it is executed.  Then after a few days, the picture became somewhat clear and I got a rough idea of how to introduce a new feature in the spreadsheet. But problems aren't over yet. Another major problem was a very little knowledge of Qt, so I contacted my mentors for this and they advised me to go through the Qt Documentation thoroughly. As I already told you at my starting posts that Qt documentation is vastly elaborated one with examples and tutorials, it actually saved my day and in a day or two, I become completely ready to add my own new features. So it took me almost a week to get to the point where I can write my own source codes.

At the start, I wrote codes according to my coding style. But when I submitted my work for review request, my mentors informed me about the coding style and also gives me various fixes. It took me little time to adopt the style but everything afterwards become much easier.

Here is my documentation for FIrst Evaluation:

Thank you very much for your patience and your interest in my project. Will meet you soon. Till then bye... and take care...


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